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Housing and location:
Location of our residence is in RADOVEC, county Cestica , only 15 km from the center of Varaždin, 50 km from Maribor (Slovenia) and 98 km from Graz (Austria). Radovec is located on state road D2 by the riverside of Drava, distanced from Zagreb,a 50 minute drive on the highway.

Our choice of location was to find a peaceful and tamely place but at the same time close by a bigger urban place and large enough to accommodate all the necessary needs for our patronized ones. We were fascinated by the county of Cestica with its beautiful nature – from one side wine-growing hills, from the other side river Drava and Ormoško lake (ornithological preserve). County Cestica developed country tourism, so therefore the vintners opened their cellars to the tourists. Proximity of two state boundaries enables short one day trips to the neighboring countries (Slovenia, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia).

Description of the building and its premises:
Residence NEW LIFE has been planned as ground floor of 1600 m2, capacity for 70 patronized persons, which accommodates 35 double bed rooms with its own sanitary and other rooms. While designing the look of the rooms and the interior of the entire housing, we thought it out as a modern and functional space, adapted to our patronized and with the time we live in.

As it is obvious from the agreement by which the construction license has been given, every room with its own sanitary makes one furnished unit. Every room (unit) will be accommodated with its standard furniture, TV and radio transmission, telephone, heating and air-conditioning system.

Content of the Residence:

Medical care:

For the patronized of our Residence a GP doctor will be available, and 24 hours on duty medical and nursing care. Besides medical staff in the Residence there will be employed cooks, superintend-driver-delivery men, and cleaners. Besides standard medical care within our home, we will also make available other specialized checkups and treatments for our patronized.

Daily nourishment consists of 5 meals: breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. We will exclusively use aliments that are produced by the local husbandry of the Cestica countryside; therefore we can characterize it as natural and ecological, without any supplements or conservatives.

Nourishment will be adaptable to each individual as per their wishes and needs.

Leisure time:
The management of the Residence is aiming to be available for our patronized when it’s about joint co-operation and organization of leisure time:

  • within the home
    in context of tourism development in the area of Cestica, pensioners will be able to make native souvenirs, amuse themselves with social games which will be organized by our friendly staff, watching TV and other activities by agreement
  • residing in nature within the boundaries of the land we own
    we are thinking for the recreation of each patronized; his/her wishes and potentiality of each individual. The land and plot of the Residence will offer its patronized taking walks in an arranged park, with the possibility that they take part in arranging the land, for example they can pot their own plant and maintain it. Inside the park there will be arranged bowers and it will possible, mutually or with visitors, when nice weather spend time by the barbecue
  • within the border of county Cestica
    Walks along the riverside of Drava and Ormoško lake, visits to the country-houses, wine cellars.
  • visit to Varaždin, Varaždins spa
    organized visits (individually by feasibility), going to the theater, movies, walks in the city and sightseeing its history
  • Zagreb
    organized visits (individually by feasibility), going to the theater, movies, walks in the city, visiting relatives
  • Cakovec, Maribor, Graz etc.
    daily trips

Besides all above mentioned at the Residence when needed there will be visits by the priest, specialist doctors, hairdressers, pedicurist.


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or contact us directly by telephone:
Tel.  00385 42 250 200
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GSM: 00385 99 5923 241

Cordiality, friendship, peace and nature we will frame together with you in a domesticated corner of a beautiful area of Cestica, to see a great smile on your face and make your NEW LIFE become a GOLDEN TIME.

We look forward in meeting you.

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